Derby to Royal Ascot Minibus

Derby is an excellent venue for all kinds or racing events which include grand prix, grey hound racing and horse racing.

Donington Park Racing is the premier location for British motor sports and includes the Renault Trucks Grand Prix which is considered a great family day out and other events include the Donington Historical Festival. This event includes over three hundred cars including Porsche, Ferrari and Alfa Romeos over a two day period. You can book Park experiences as well and also check out the car museum.

Stock car racing can take in Derby under the Buxton Racing Derbyshire. This has many cars such as super bangers and hot rods. Onsite parking is also available as well as an eating area. You can also check for nearby cycling clubs under the Cycle Derby website.

Derby Minibus and Coach Hire can transport you to all race venues with ease and comfort, and at competitive rates. We always promote safety for all race events and any one requiring further information in relation to safe travel advice can ring us direct on out telephone number.